Dear Students, Alumni, Parents, and Teachers;

Thank you for your continual support since the creation of Glimpses of China in 2001. Over the past eight years, we have witnessed the phenomenal growth of China on the world stage and interests from the West in this part of the world. All of us here feel both proud and blessed to have had this opportunity to educate some of the most talented and inquisitive young minds there were.

Having watched how the world scene has evolved over these past eight exciting years, the three Glimpses of China founders have jointly decided that it is also now time to move on to our next phase. However, there were different visions, and we eventually concluded that it would be best to pursue those different visions through separate corporate structures. Hence, 2009 becomes the last summer that we offer our educational programs under the Glimpses of China name. Efforts are already under way to build our next generation of programs, and information will be posted on our respective new web sites in the weeks ahead.

We consider this parting an important stage of our organization's growth where each team can develop structures with more clearly defined direction and focus. However, one guiding principle remains unchanged: our commitment to creating exciting educational experiences for our younger generations. We look forward to continuing to serve you all in the years ahead.

Once again, we are grateful for your loyal support in the past, and we expect to be in touch with each of you again very soon under our new identities. Meanwhile, please find below the current contact information for our three founders:

Daniel Szeto:    daniel.szeto@foundationge.com
David Kwan:    dwkwan@gmail.com
Roy Bergeson:    roy.bergeson@foundationge.com


The Glimpses of China Team
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